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MY FREE GAME PLAN for Secure Com Group Ltd.

Step 1: Update your site.

Custom theme option:

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Your Custom Web Design Dream Come True

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Ready-made theme option:

Here are the online demos of 4 themes that may be a good fit for you:

#1 Agency

Has a look and feel of confidence and clarity. A smart look and ease of navigation.

#2 Executive

Puts your security systems offerings front and center, strategically and expertly displayed on the home page.

#3 Magazine

A very elegant and up-to-the-minute glossy look and feel. The black and gray theme includes highlights (link text and response buttons) in various colors to choose from. The demo’s home page shows pink, but here are 3 colors that will work with your logo:

Magazine Blue

Magazine Teal

Magazine Green

#4 Outreach Green

Outreach Blue

Outreach lets your message stand out!

Don’t see anything you want here? Want more customization of the demos? The sky’s the limit!

Your next Website Update step: please let me know your thoughts below:

Here’s the WordPress Themes Tour you watched if you need it for reference:

 Step 2. Your Google + Local page

… needs to be claimed & the address & business category (Security Guard Service) corrected:

Questions? I can help.

Step 3. Your Website Content

I’ll be working on a proposal for my Websites That Sell: Convert Your Hyper-Responsive Visitors into Buyers content development service.

4. Your Automated Customer Relationship Marketing

This will be your next Advanced Business Building step. Let’s focus on the foundation first. 🙂

Maybe later: Your Search Engine Opportunities for Growth

184 people PER MONTH who don’t know you are typing the following EXACT MATCH searches into Google:

security systems nyc
security systems new york
security systems ny
home security systems ny
home security systems new york
security systems brooklyn
security camera systems nyc
fire alarm systems nyc
security system new york


… and Google is currently showing them the likes of Paragon, Lineup, Vertex, Total Security, Brickhouse, ASM Integrators, and DGA.

What if Secure Com Group were placed in front of that many ready-to-buy new searchers each month?

I can place you on page 1 of Google, right next to your competitors,  as early as next week.

Please note: 184 is a conservative indicator of your search engine marketing opportunities.

Google is showing a total monthly BROAD MATCH volume of searches for the above New York City-related search queries at 14,358.

These are just my preliminary findings.


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