The Art (& Science) of Website Content that $ells

It’s Easy

Do You Want a Website to Just Look Pretty or to Actually Increase Your Leads & Sales?

A common site-building mistake is putting too much emphasis on the graphical elements, and not enough importance on Creating Content That Elicits Action.

If you want your website to be visually appealing AND create a measurable Return on Investment, read on.

You’re About to Discover the 6 Easy Steps to Website Content that Increases Leads & Sales

A poorly written message and haphazard response mechanisms will compel your desperate-to-buy site visitor to click away (and visit your competitor) in a split second!

Writing website content that convinces your visitors to take the action you want is certainly NOT a task for the untrained or careless.


You don’t need to be Chaucer, Shelley or Keats to do it well.

Here’s a simple 6-step Formula to take the guesswork out of creating articles, audio, and video for your online presence that will translate into leads and sales.

I call it “The Remarkable Words Formula.”

Words Are Remarkable

This plug-and-play process works no matter what your business is.

BONUS: You can also apply the Formula to:

  • Print & broadcast ads
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Sales presentations
  • Email messages
  • Online video scripts
  • Engaging Social Media messages
  • The sky’s the limit!

Just imagine knowing exactly how to build compelling persuasion into every piece of your Company’s communications, online and offline.

These simple steps will keep your desperate-to-buy visitors on your site, and convince them to do business with you.

"I'm outa here. Click."

If you DON’T get each one of these right, your site visitors will click away (to your competitor) in half a second.

It’s a 21st Century Gone-in-a-Mouse-Click Fact of Life.

Are you ready for the 6 Steps?

Just click here because … reading it is fun & easy.


Who Is Your Client Ambassador?

The more deeply you understand your ideal client, the better you will be in finding out what they want, and knowing how to give it to them.

This is, after all, at the core of every successful Company, big or small:

  1. Find out what the market wants
  2. Deliver it to them
  3. Do it better than anyone else

To find out what your market wants, you first need to know who your market is.

Creating your Client Ambassador falls under the realm of Market Research Strategies. A big, worthy, business course in and of itself.

Let’s just do the quick-and-dirty version today.

If you’ve been in business or working for your Company for more than 2 minutes, you can tell me all about your FAVORITE client or patron.

Your IDEAL client who loves doing business with you. And the feeling’s mutual—you love doing business with them. Doing Step 1 will help you attract more people just like them to your Company.

Tell me more about them:

  • Are they male or female?
  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • What are their education and income levels?
  • Interests and Hobbies?
  • Family status?
  • Favorite color?
  • And more…

Be specific. List everything about your ideal client’s situation and preferences that have a direct relationship to your product or service.

OK. Have your imaginary client in mind?

This is your baby. Give him or her a name. John, or Mary.

You’ve just created one of your Client Ambassadors.

For the message (or series) you’re working on, they’ll be the Representative and Spokesman for all of your ideal clients who are just like them.

You’ll speak directly to John or Mary in the first person.

New Rules of Marketing & PR

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Extra Credit for all you insatiable Business Students (you know who you are):

“The New Rules of Marketing & PR” by David Meerman Scott—Mr. Scott refers to Client Ambassadors as “Buyer’s Personas,” and explains why (and how) 21st Century Companies need to understand them to survive.

(NOTE: I get a few cents commission from Amazon if you click from here to buy this book. You’re selling relevant products and books on your website as an Amazon Affiliate, too, right? )

Why will John or Mary click away when you skip Step 1?

Because you’re talking to a faceless crowd.

You talkin to me? Nope. Click.

As soon as John or Mary sense you’re not really trying to connect with them as an individual, they’ll be disenchanted and leave.

Are you ready for Step 2—Pressing Problem?

Just click here NOW for Step 2 because it’ll save you time, effort, & cash.


Pose a Pressing Problem (Try saying that 3 times fast!)

The better you are at describing John or Mary’s problem, the more they’ll trust and listen to you.

What keeps them up at night?

You can go really deep here too, with detailed Market Research Strategies. The more time you spend in the research phase, the more of a Market Mind Reader you become.

But you’re busy. Let’s save that for another day.

Just tell me, what problem does your product or service solve?

Is it a pressing problem?

Do you or one of your happy clients have a lot in common with John or Mary?

Tell your own or a client’s story about facing the same problem.

You can pose John or Mary’s pressing problem in the form of a simple question.

What question does your message answer? Is it an urgent (pressing) question? Was it already on John or Mary’s mind when they came to your site?

Shrugging stickman

Who can resist a Smart Question?

Question marks are powerful! It’s very difficult (if not impossible) for our brains to hear a question without trying to formulate an answer, at least to ourselves.

When you pose the right question or pressing problem…

John or Mary will think, “Yes, that’s me, tell me more!” and stay on your site.

Now just stop for a second and retrace your steps. The reason you’re reading this right now is because I asked,

QuoteDo you want a website that increases your Leads & Sales? A common site building mistake is to put too much emphasis on the graphical elements, and not Creating Content That Elicits Action.”

If your website’s content and performance wasn’t a pressing problem for you—if you didn’t want the answer, you would have clicked away. But here you are.

OK, here’s another simple question for you …

(Bet you can’t resist answering it.)

Does it make sense to spend most of your promotional time, effort, and cash on the people who:

  • Have the problem you can solve, AND
  • Consider it to be a PRESSING problem RIGHT NOW?

If you answered yes, read on.

Why will John or Mary click away at Step 2?
  • They don’t have the problem.
  • They have the problem but don’t think it’s their most urgent problem.

Not my problem. Click.

Are you ready for Step 3—Matchless Promise?

Just click here NOW for Step 3 because it’ll make you Extraordinary.


Make a Matchless Promise

What’s your product or service’s main benefit? How does it solve the problem or answer the question you posed in Step 2?

That’s your Promise.

And make sure your Promise is a Matchless one.

Is it obvious to John or Mary that your solution is different from your competitor’s?

UniqueDon’t try to equal your competitor’s same-old-same-old website content.

Be extraordinary!

A Matchless Promise can feature a unique

  • Story
  • Product or service process
  • Delivery method

Did you start a story while Posing the Pressing Problem in Step 2? Now’s the time to tell the happy ending. Show how you or your client got results or solved the problem.

Another easy way to stand out as Matchless is by sharing a little information about you and your staff with your site visitors.

At the very least, include photos of the Company founder or current owner. (Even better if holding a cute baby or puppy.)

You don’t have to worry about anyone looking like a fashion model here. People want to do business with Real People they know, like, and trust—NOT with Stuffy, Flashy, or Slick Corporate Images.

And one thing’s for sure—the individuals behind every Company are truly Matchless and Unique.

Why will John or Mary click away at Step 3?

I've heard that before. Yawn. Click.

Because your promise doesn’t stand out as different.

Just click here NOW for Step 3+ for an Advanced Version of Matchless Promise because it’s PRICELESS.

Promise +

The Advanced Version of Matchless Promise

I don’t want to overwhelm you. As I said, my 6-Step Formula is easy and uncomplicated.

I’m just going to give you a quick peek at the Advanced Version right now to show you the huge potential that’s built into The Remarkable Words Formula.

I hope this glimpse will spur you on to finish this Mini-Course, roll up your sleeves and get some practice using the Basic 6-Step Formula.

You’ll see how powerful but simple it is to use.

SmileThen, whenever you’re ready to implement this Advanced Version, drop me a line. I’m here to help. Fair enough?

Just let this Big Picture wash over you for now…

When you line up your Matchless Promise with John or Mary’s wildest dreams, you’ll transform them into Raving Fans.

Vote for Pedro and your wildest dreams will come true.In the pop culture film Napoleon Dynamite, Pedro’s Class President Campaign Promise was, “Vote for me, and all your wildest dreams will come true.”

A humorous parody, yes. But there’s a key real-life lesson hidden here:

The better you are at lining up your Matchless Promise with John or Mary’s wildest dreams, the more deeply they’ll connect with you as your Raving Fans.

What happens next is astonishing …

The Raving Fans of your Company become its top word-of-mouth Evangelists.


Here’s the kicker: the more Raving Fans you have, the more votes you’ll get from your entire market.

Napoleon & PedroWhere did Pedro’s Matchless Promise come from? His #1 Raving Fan, Napoleon.

“Just tell them if they vote for you all their wildest dreams will come true.”

Pedro simply fed Napoleon’s words back to the entire school and the election was his.

What’s John or Mary’s deepest buying motivations? Here’s where it gets tricky. Fact is, buyer’s true motivations are difficult, if not impossible, to guess.

Napoleon’s reasons for voting for Pedro? “You have a sweet bike. Plus you’re like the only guy at school who has a mustache.”

How do you find out John & Mary’s wildest dreams?

Market Research Systems can help you:

  • Monitor what your market is saying about your product or service online
  • Ask the Smartest Questions in your one-on-one conversations with prospects and clients
  • Uncover desperate buyer’s genuine motivations
Done correctly, you’ll understand their wildest dreams better than they do.

Doing that kind of in-depth Market Research is easy when you know how. The payoff? When making your Matchless Promises, you’ll be able to simply feed back your Raving Fan’s own words to your entire market, just like Pedro.

That’s it!

And Congratulations! You’re halfway through the 6 Steps of The Remarkable Words Formula.

Are you ready for Step 4—Pile on the Proof?

Just click here NOW for Step 4 because John & Mary hate Hype.


Pile on the Proof

Napoleon Dynamite, Pedro’s Campaign Manager, promises a scrawny kid getting beat up,

“Pedro offers you his protection.”

We next see the kid and the bully at the bicycle rack. As the bully tries to take the kid’s bike, Pedro’s cousins pull up in their car with “Vote 4 Pedro” newly painted on the door.

They give the bully the evil eye and the bully runs away.

For each and every Matchless, Dreams-Come-True Promise you make in Step 3, you need to Prove It.

And in Piles! This is no time to skimp.

Web pages are bottomless pits! Take as much space as you need to give John or Mary the proof they need.

Web pages are not “too long.” BORING web pages are too long.

SIDE NOTE: This “long” Mini-Course is made to appear less overwhelming to John & Mary’s eye with our scrolling page technique. We can do the same for you if you’d like.

Now where were we? Oh yeah, Piles of Proof. In business communications, the ability to deliver on a promise must NOT look like wishful theory to John or Mary.

When a business promise looks hypothetical to John or Mary, it’s really just hype.

A HYPO-thetical Promise Minus Proof = Hype.

EXACTLY HOW does your product give John or Mary what they want?

SHOW them the proof. In the online world, a real-life video demonstration works wonders.

Specific written, audio, and video testimonials and customer reviews which support your promise are also highly effective.

Napoleon’s “testimonial” that clinched the election was his outrageous dance for Pedro.

(This movie is a comedy, after all.)

Play your cards right, and your Company’s Raving Fans will dance for you, too.

Ask for your Raving Fan’s testimonials or reviews at the right time, and deliver them to your prospects in the right way, and you’ll experience a landslide win in your market, too.

Testimonials and reviews are just two of the dozens of ways to pile on the proof. So even if you’re a brand new business with no testimonials, no worries, you can gather all the proof you need to get started.

Why will John or Mary click away at Step 4?

Because they don’t believe your Promise.

Are you ready for Step 5—Make an Irresistible Offer?

Just click here NOW for Step 5 because you’ll discover the Art of a Well-Oiled Sales Machine.


Make an Irresistible Offer

This is where you tell John or Mary exactly what THEY get when they give you what YOU want.

What happens? And why is that worth John or Mary’s time, effort, or cash?

Your Irresistible Offer will depend on the purpose of the message you’re working on. What do you want John or Mary to do?

  • Read, listen to, or watch your presentation
  • Fill out your survey
  • Request a quote
  • Make an appointment or reservation for your service
  • Walk into your place of business to buy
  • Place an online order
  • And so on, you get the picture
Your Irresistible Offer presents compelling reasons for a Fair Exchange.

It convinces John or Mary your request for their…

  • Time
  • Attention
  • Contact
  • Visit
  • Cash

… is worth way more to them than you’re asking price.

Give them an offer they can’t refuse. Make it Irresistible.

Marlon Brando: “I got an offer you can’t refuse.”

 If you’re simply asking them to consume your message, your Irresistible Offer convinces them that clicking away will be more painful than giving up their time and attention.

Do you want them to make an appointment or walk into your place of business? Now’s the time to make clear what’s in it for them. Offering a coupon or free gift may be effective here. This is not rocket science.

If you want them to place an online order, this is where to tell them everything they get in your package.

PLEASE NOTE: Online sales pages with “Add to Cart” buttons require a minimum of half a dozen essential elements to perform at the lowest level.

To squeeze every last drop of achievable sales from the same page, you can apply up to 75 possible improvements.

Don’t get me wrong. The subject of enhancing webpage conversions is still not rocket science, yet is another worthy business course all by itself.

Let me know if learning about it (or hiring someone who’s studied it) interests you. This level of skill will help turn your website into an automated lead generation machine, sales rep, and/or cashier.

I’ve personally experienced automated lead generation and sales in a number of my web properties across several different markets.

I can tell you, after my fair share of labor intensive, in-person prospecting and sales, it’s a wonderful feeling indeed.

Want an example of what an Irresistible Offer looks like?

Think back to my Irresistible Offer for you to consume this Mini-Course:

QuoteThe Remarkable Words Formula is a plug-and-play process. It works no matter what your business is.

BONUS: You can also apply the Formula to:

  • Print & broadcast ads
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Sales presentations
  • Email messages
  • Online video scripts
  • Engaging Social Media messages
  • The sky’s the limit!

Just imagine knowing exactly how to build compelling persuasion into every piece of your Company’s communications, online and offline.

These simple steps will keep your desperate-to-buy visitors on your site, and convince them to do business with you.”

You’re reading this because you decided that discovering the 6 steps, which you could repeatedly use, was worth your precious time and effort to read this far.

By the way, I do so appreciate and value your attention here. Thanks!

Why will John or Mary click away at Step 5?

Because your offer isn’t worth the cost to them.

Are you ready for Step 6—“Just Do It” NOW Because…?

Just click here NOW for Step 6 because … you’re almost done!


“Just Do It” NOW Because…

Step 6 is probably the SINGLE EASIEST way to improve your online lead generation and sales.

It gives John or Mary a reason to act NOW. In advertising-speak, it’s your Call to Action.

I can’t get over how many websites I see that are MISSING a clear Call to Action.

I see others that hide it somewhere in small print, below the fold. (“Above the fold” is old-fashioned printed newspaper-speak that has carried over into web design. It means your site visitor does not need to scroll down to see your prominent Call to Action.)

What do you want your visitor to do next?

  • Drive to your location?
  • Pick up the phone and call you?
  • Respond to your Contact Us form?
  • Sign up for your White Paper, Free Report, or Discount Coupon?
  • Share your content on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?

Make whatever action you want very clear. Be explicit, be obvious.

  • Stop by TODAY
  • Call us at 555-123-4567
  • Fill in the form below
  • Download NOW
  • Check in on 4Square
  • Share and re-tweet this

Are you cringing right now with that uneasy, queasy feeling?

One reason we (purposely or unconsciously) forget to use a Call to Action, may be because it’s the single element that makes an Ad look like an Ad.

“I don’t want to sound like an infomercial.”

Infomercials that generate $150 BILLION in annual U.S. sales strategically employ Calls to Action because THEY WORK.

You do want $$$ales, right? 

Step 1: Does it Target Bill or Mary, and speak directly to them as individuals?

Step 2 & 3: Does it Uniquely Promise to solve their most Pressing Problem …
Step 4: With Piles of Proof?
Step 5: Is your Offer to help genuinely Irresistible, because they get way more than their time or money’s worth?

Then why be uncomfortable using Remarkable Words to inspire John and Mary to take the action that delivers?

We don’t have to come across as a sleazy, pushy Carnival Barker to include Calls to Action on our site.

Look at this example of a classy, elegant Call to Action on the website of one of New York City’s most upscale restaurants:

“For Reservations, please call 212-554-1515 or click here.” Elegant!

OK folks, the proof is in … Twitter posts that politely (and occasionally) ask for a re-tweet ARE re-tweeted 25% more than those that don’t.

Why will John or Mary be more likely to click through on a barefaced request to do exactly what you’re asking them to do?

Not because they’re unintelligent. John and Mary are DISTRACTED and PREOCCUPIED. Especially online.

  • They have 5 other tabs open in their browser (including your top 2 competitor’s websites.)
  • Their email notice is beeping
  • An instant message from their boss has popped up on Skype
  • A Facebook friend just posted the funniest photo

John or Mary won’t see your Call to Action as desperate pleading. They’ll intuitively respond to it as the inspiring guidance that it is. And since you made sure your offer is in their best interest, they’ll thank you for it.

To make your well-crafted Call to Action even more effective, include a strong reason to do it NOW. Explain to John or Mary why postponing their decision to act on your offer will hurt them.

What will they lose if they don’t act RIGHT AWAY? Will they keep overpaying your competitors? Keep wasting their hard-earned money on ineffective solutions? Miss out on your limited-time discount?

WHY is immediate action in their best interest?

One of the strongest “persuasion” words is BECAUSE.

Here were my strong Calls to Action throughout this series:

  • Just click here NOW because … reading Step 1 is fun & easy.
  • Just click here NOW for Step 2 because it’ll save you time, effort, & cash.
  • Just click here NOW for Step 3 because it’ll make you Extraordinary.
  • Just click here NOW for an Advanced Version of Matchless Promise because it’s PRICELESS.
  • Just click here NOW for Step 4 because John & Mary hate Hype.
  • Just click here NOW for Step 5 because you’ll discover the Art of a Well-Oiled Sales Machine.
  • Just click here NOW and keep reading because…it’s Step 6 and you’re almost done!

You don’t have to be literal with the “Just Do It NOW…BECAUSE” format I’ve used here for illustration purposes.

Just don’t forget to give John or Mary a compelling and believable reason to act NOW, not later.

Why will John or Mary click away at Step 6?

  • Because you felt uneasy about asking.
  • Because they want to think about it till later.
  • More than ever in the 21st Century, later never comes.

That’s it!

I hope you found my 6-Step Remarkable Words Formula to be a fair exchange for your precious time and attention…

I use The Formula all the time, and each time I do, I get better and better at it. You will too!

Want to know how I can help you plug this formula into your business right now?

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… steps to reach 21st Century consumers who have yet to discover the amazing things you can do for them.

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